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share multiple photos
“Can you send me those photos from ________?” “Do you have a higher resolution version of _____ photo?” These are common questions. Emailing photos as an attachment is one solution. If you’re looking for a better way, try sharing with links. Don’t worry about the quantity or file size of the photos you are sharing again. Just copy a link to your photo(s) and share it with who you’d like, how you’d like.

Benefits of sharing photos using links over email attachments

Making the small change of sending photos via a link instead of an email attachment can make a big difference.

No limit for quantity or file size

One of the biggest problems with sharing images as an email attachment is the size limit. Do you really want to send 5 emails to share 15 photos? With links, file size or quantity isn’t an issue. You save time by sending only one email and the receiver doesn’t have to scan through multiple emails for the image they are looking for.

Better preview experience

An image preview isn’t always available as an attachment. Which can leave you downloading a file you didn’t want. And if you’re browsing through multiple emails, you don’t have a quick snapshot of what’s been shared. Use an app that provides nice previews of images when you click the link. Photos are visual and the way you share should be too.

Searching and filtering

If you’re sending a handful of photos, finding the one(s) you want to download is no problem. When you’re sharing an entire gallery of hundreds or thousands of photos, searching and filtering is critical for people to find what they are looking for quickly.


Email doesn’t give you analytics on your photos being shared. When you share links, tracking analytics becomes possible. You can track views and downloads. Then use this information to see what photos are being used and which aren’t.
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