Interview with Vincenzo Vitiello on creating a visual social network

Visual content and social media are two hot topics in marketing. It makes sense, Social media is where people are and visual content is how you can attract their attention. That’s why creating a visual social network is important. This week we caught up with brand and digital designer, Vincenzo. Here’s our interview with Vincenzo and his insights on creating a visual social network.
Tell us a little about yourself and what you are currently doing – give us a brief bio.

Hello, my name is Vincenzo, I am a brand and digital designer. I am the founder of Vin Novative, which is my design blog and the name I use for my freelancing business. I studied at the CATC Design School in Sydney, a city that has given me lots of professional and personal opportunities. I begin to work in a design boutique Inkolives – where I am still working as a contributor. Setting up as a freelance I took lots of collaborations with agencies across Australia, UK and Italy – which allows me to move around the world. At the moment I am both working as a freelance designer and I took a job for a Social Media Agency based in Milan and London – BEWE as Brand and Digital Designer, caring digital advertising design, Facebook apps and visuals, brand development.

Describe your basic approach to graphic web design projects.

It is important to know everything you can about your client, the business he is into, his target, what he wants to achieve. Those are the first things I try to analyze and to find out, when I first approach to a project. It is important to study, and to look at similar benchmark projects, to understand what will work or will fail, which strategy can help achieve the final goal. Studying and planning your project help keep things clear and avoiding mistakes.

How does website design and social network design differ?

Nice question! First of all I have to say, the target market looks similar but it is not. The first difference is the understanding of the potential engagement of the two platforms. Social Network design, is more focused on catching the interest of people day by day, it is more followed and viewed by the people then a website. From a visual design of view, designing for a social network channel requires lots of interest and a quick update of trends, which in social media changes more often than in the web design world.

What’s the key to an effective Facebook cover photo?

Impact! It is important to create a visual that will show right away the identity of a brand. Logo, colors, and claim are the elements to consider.
In case we create a product fan page, the cover photo, could also be used to advertise a product and or a particular holiday!

Outside of the cover photo, how can a business make their Facebook page more visually appealing?

The key for a successful Facebook page is to have an editorial plan. It is important to set a plan of posts to publish during the week. Among with your article it is important to associate visual posts, which attract more users. Remember that a Facebook fan page is a real community, it is important to update, to inform and to entertain your fans. Choose some argument to talk, create simple games with your posts, such as “guess what” or solving a puzzle.

What are some of the biggest design mistakes you are seeing brands make on social networks?

Not having visuals to sponsors their posts, forgetting about the design. Or many brands leaves the management of the design at content writers without the help of a graphic designer.

What’s your favorite social network and why?

I do work a lot with Facebook, but my favourite at all is definitely Twitter.
The reason is because is because I love the 140 characters limitation and is full of new trends to follow.

Can you share a brand/business that was especially fun to design for?

Yes, I mostly liked this project: Stonex Very Smartphone We took over this page, when the client didn’t have any editorial plan and no one was in charge of the design. Stonex Very Smartphone is a brand that produces smartphone with a very elegant design. We choose this line of publishing post on smart-life together with the promotion of accessorize.

For more information on creating a visual social network or graphic, logo, and web design, check out Vin’s website and social networks.

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