Dropbox and Smartimage Integration

We want to make it as easy as possible to centralize and share your brand. We’ve built a simple integration with Dropbox for another easy way to connect and collect your files.

What can you do with Dropbox and Smartimage?

After your Dropbox and Smartimage accounts are linked, a Smartimage folder will display in your Dropbox. Files and folders added to this Smartimage folder will upload to the All Files page in Smartimage and will be removed from Dropbox.

Streamline design and creative workflow

Dropbox provides an easy way to collaborate on work-in-progress files. Updates to the files are automatically saved across all devices. This is convenient for a team working on the same project. Once the asset has been finalized, send it to Smartimage. In Smartimage you can organize your files, distribute them with your branding, and analyze their use.

Easily get Instagram posts into Smartimage

Is your marketing team active on Instagram? With this IFTTT recipe, your Instagram posts can go directly into your Dropbox account. You can then transfer them to Smartimage to be stored and organized. Allowing them to be repurposed across other social and marketing channels.

Easily move your asset library to Smartimage

Dropbox is a simple way to get started with file sharing and cloud storage. When your team needs more, Smartimage is here to help. Enhanced searching, filtering, and large image previews help your users find what they need. Branded portals and link sharing makes for professional sharing.

How do I set up my Dropbox integration?

To link your Smartimage account to Dropbox, click your name in the upper right of the Smartimage page > Integrations. Then click Link my Dropbox account. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Dropbox account and to allow Smartimage to access the files and folders in your Dropbox.
Dropbox and Smartimage Integration
After the accounts are linked, a Smartimage folder will display in your Dropbox.

If accounts are not linked, when uploading files in Smartimage, a Link to Dropbox option will display in the lower right of the upload area. If you want link Smartimage to Dropbox at that time, you’ll be directed to the Integrations page.

The link between Smartimage and Dropbox can be removed at any time on the Integrations page. Smartimage will no longer access images in the user’s Dropbox folder after the link is removed.

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