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Expanded Account Branding Options

Branding is essential to building value for companies. In addition to housing your brand assets in Smartimage, you can brand your Smartimage account. You can now apply your logo to the Smartimage application to reinforce your branding while sharing files with external parties.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

Account Logo

Your logo is no longer just an asset in Smartimage. It can also be used to brand your Smartimage account. Your logo will appear in Smartimage: Emails, File Shares, Homepage, Locked Page, Portals.
Smartimage Branded Homepage
In addition to the logo being applied to your email, your email shares will reflect your account branding!
Branded Email Example


A Favicon is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. You can replace the Smartimage favicon with an icon of your choosing. This allows your team to quickly navigate to the browser tab containing your brand files.

Add your logo and favicon

Click your name in the upper right of the page, then choose Logo. On the Logo tab, drag and drop your logo and favicon into the upload areas. You can preview how your files will display on the right of the page.

Visit our support center for more information.

Simplified Collection Creation

Collections play an important part of organizing and sharing your content. We’ve made some updates to the collection creation process to make it faster and easier for admins to create collections. After finishing the three steps, you’ll have a collection of organized, searchable files.

New Collection creation process

Step 1) Create New Collection

The first step is to give your collection a name and description to help users identify the contents of the collection. Then select who can access the collection and who can add files to it.
Tip: If you’re creating an empty collection to gather images from other users, you can click “I’m Done” to skip step 2 and 3.
Create Collection Info

Step 2) Add Files

After you’ve identified the collection and set its permissions, it’s time to add files. You can upload new files via drag-and-drop or browse for files. Existing file descriptions and keywords will be imported. You can also add files that already exist in your account from Add From All Files.
Collection creation upload files

Step 3) Add file info, tags

The last step is to add file info and tags. You can add file info individually or in batch. While editing individual files, you will see two meters to identify what percent of files in the collection have descriptions and what percent of the files have tags. This helps you make sure all of your files are searchable and filterable.
Add file info and tags
Tip: Check “Only show files without descriptions or tags” to identify files that need more information to be searchable.

New security icons and names, same functionality

While going through step one of the create collection process, you’ll notice some updates to collection security. To make privacy settings more clear to new and current users, we’ve updated some of the names and icons. The settings have the same functionality.
Private -> Admin (admins only)
Public -> Public (Anyone with the link)
Password -> Password (Anyone with the password)
who can access this collection?

Embed images into your website using Custom Embed URLs

Looking to save time embedding images into your website? You can use Smartimage to embed images with custom settings. You choose the image size, Smartimage gives you the link. No need to resize and upload images to your CMS.

Custom Embed URL

The Custom Embed URL feature automates the creation of images by zooming, panning and other image processing to make a copy of a digital master. Smartimage provides a URL builder that allows you to edit the image orientation, image size, file format, quality, and scaling.

Choose custom settings for your image

custom embed url feature
Select the image you’d like to embed by hovering over the image, clicking the share icon and selecting the Embed option. You’ll be presented with the customization options and a preview of the image. Once you create the link, click the copy icon to copy the link.

Are Custom Embed URLs different from the “Custom Links” feature?

sample embed
The Custom Embed URLs feature is an updated version of the Custom Links feature. The name switch was made to make its intended use clearer. When using Custom Embed URLs, you’ll notice the interface is also updated. We’ve added a crop box, simplified the page, and added a new preview option to make creating an embeddable URL easier.

Smartimage CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Smartimage utilizes a CDN that provides high-performance and high-availability. So no matter where your viewer is around the world, they are having the same, quality experience viewing your images.

A new look for Smartimage subscriptions

We love hearing from our users. We spent a lot of time in 2015 getting to know more of you. All of the great info you share with us through survey responses, interviews, support chats, and events helps guide Smartimage to solve your day-to-day problems with image management and sharing.

We’ve received a ton of great feedback, like “We save a lot of time. When I say a lot, it’s not enough. It’s a huge amount of time.” And, “We love Smartimage. It just works really well for us and is the only place for images. This is where you go, always.” Hearing customer feedback like that makes us feel good!

We also receive great suggestions on how we can make Smartimage better. 80% of customers surveyed in February 2015 said they wanted video support. We also heard feedback like “[We] would like to see enhanced color palette customization to allow for backgrounds…” and “[We] can share individual collections w/ passwords. Can we do this with portals?” Well, we’ve been listening and you can see these updates and more are reflected in the app today.

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve added since our last subscription change:

Sharing updates to help you get the right files in front of the right people

  • Portals
  • Password-protected portals
  • Social media cropping and sharing
  • Unique, undiscoverable link sharing
  • Expirable link sharing
  • Visitor upload

Expanded file support & previewing so you can store all the files you need — in one place

  • Video support (upload, preview, download, and share video files)
  • Office Document file previews
  • Camera RAW formats
  • The full list of supported file formats available at support center

New integrations to connect Smartimage to other apps you use

  • Dropbox to quickly ingest files into Smartimage
  • Twitter to streamline sharing images to your followers
  • An updated Facebook integration to improve image displaying

Customization options to reflect your brand

  • Expanded account theme customization, including the background
  • Home screen display options
  • Custom collection previews

Admin workflow enhancements

  • Batch download select files
  • Display all tags
  • Create collections on the fly
  • Quick replace
  • Chat support

New subscriptions

With all of these updates and plenty more on the way, we’ve released new Smartimage subscription plans. You can view these subscriptions at We’ve worked hard to make our subscriptions more tailored to specific client needs and use cases. We’d love for you to join us!

For our current users

First off, thanks for being awesome! To keep things simple for you, no action is required on your part. You can keep on business as usual. If you’re interested in moving to one of the new subscriptions, you can upgrade from the billing page of your account.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Feature Update: Customize Collection Previews and Header Images

organize brand home
Think of your Smartimage account like your home. It’s most welcoming to others when it’s clean and nicely decorated. Like a nicely decorated home, a customized and branded account invites users into a welcoming, comfortable environment. That’s why our latest update allows you to customize collection previews and header images.

Customize collection preview images

Style and customize your account to give your users a beautiful, branded experience while providing easy access to what they need. In gallery view, hover over the collection and select Update Preview Image. Any file can be used as the preview. Once you’ve selected the image, you have an opportunity to choose the image crop.

  • Select an image that represents the content of the collection
  • Use the crop tool to prevent awkward crops (like cutting off words or limbs)
  • If you need more padding around your logo to make it fit in the square crop area, you can add a background color

Customize Gallery Preview
To show off this new feature, we asked the Smartimage Team to get creative with gallery images. Check out their samples here.

Header images are no longer required to be in the collection

You can now select any file in your Smartimage account to be the header graphic and logo in your collections header. This allows the stylization of your collection to be separate from its organization.