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working-tablet-on-couchThe Smartimage All Files page can be one of the biggest time savers for admins organizing their files. From creating new collections to batch applying metadata, the All Files page gives you flexibility and control over your files. Here’s a look at some of the features of the All Files page and how you can use them to work smarter.


Filters are a really easy way to display the files you want. You can apply one or more filters depending on the breadth of results you’d like.


Apply a collection filter to identify all the files associated with that collection. If there are files without a collection, a No Collections filter will be available. Using the No Collections filter is a great way to make sure all of your files are organized into collections.

File Types

The file type filter comes in handy when you’ve got a variety of file types managed in Smartimage. Quickly narrow down your search by identifying the file format you need for the project.


When you open the tags filter, you’re looking at the 25 most popular tags in alphabetical order. Apply one or multiple tags. To view all the tags in the system, click View All at the bottom of the Tags dropdown. You’ve now got a look at all tags in the system. If you’d like to take inventory of tags applied, you can copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet. Clicking on a tag will filter results that have that tag.

Upload Type

There are two different types of upload type; admin and visitor. The admin filter will display all files that have been uploaded by admins. The visitor filter will display all files uploaded by basic users via the visitor upload feature. It’s a quick way for admins to identify what files are being added to the system. Sort by upload date to keep tabs on the most recent uploads.


The search field on All Files searches your entire account. Use it to search for keywords in tags, file names, and descriptions. You can use the search function in tandem with filters for a more robust search experience.

Select All

When you’re working with a lot of files, the select all button can be a big time saver. The Select All button retains the selection until it’s cleared, even across multiple filter results. That way you can identify the files you want to select, then select them with one click. You can then apply another search or filter to select additional files.

Batch Actions

Once you’ve selected multiple files, you are able to use batch actions. Batch actions allow you to create a new collection, edit current collections and sections, edit metadata, delete, or download the selection of files.

Delete Files

If there are files you’d like to remove permanently from your Smartimage account, the All Files page is where you can do that. Click the trash icon or use batch actions to delete files from your account. Once you delete files, you’ve got a 10 second window to undo the deletion.

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