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Smartimage is the simple way to centralize and share your brand. When your team needs a logo, picture, document or video they quickly find the right one – the one that you want them to use.

A collection is a gallery with its own URL. Use it for any and all files you want to make available for private or public viewing, downloading, and/or sharing.

Smartimage accepts AI, CR2, DCR, DNG, DOC, EPS , GIF, INDD, JPEG, NEF, PDF, PNG, PPT, PSD, TIFF, XLS, 3gp, .3gpp,. 3gpp2, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .m4v, .mpg, .mpeg, .vob, .flv, and .dc files up to 1GB in size.

Private – Files are not publicly searchable. By default, only administrators can access these files. Private collections and files can be shared via an expiring link.
Password Protected – Files are not publicly searchable. Only the account owner, shared administrators, and those with the password have access to these files. Password Protected collections can be shared via an expiring link.
Public – Files are publicly accessible to anyone with the link.

You can contact for information on managing over 1TB.

Images can be downloaded in multiple sizes including widths of:

  • Large at 960px
  • X-Large at 1920px
  • XX-Large at 2880px

Note, it will only generate sizes smaller than the original image for non-vector images so you are encouraged to upload your highest resolution file available.

Smartimage supports titles, descriptions, and keywords (tags). These fields are auto-populated upon upload given the files have embedded XMP metadata.

If your domain is not available, you may contact to request it. You must provide proof of holding an active trademark or domain ownership for us to consider re-assigning taken domains.

Smartimage supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer version 10 and above, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Also, Smartimage supports the stock browsers on iOS and Android devices.

Smartimage pricing information is available at You may upgrade at any time. Discounts apply with 12-month pre-pay.

No, you do not need to sign a long term contract for your use of Smartimage. Agreements are month-to-month or year-to-year. When you sign up for a paid option, you acknowledge with the Terms of Service you will be automatically billed for your use each month or year.

There are three pricing options with Smartimage in addition to the 15-day free trial.
The Basic plan at $69 per month includes one administrator.
The Team plan at $299 per month includes up to three admins – primary admin plus two more shared admins.
The Multi-brand plan at $699 per month includes unlimited admins – primary admin plus unlimited more shared admins.
You may upgrade at any time. Discounts apply with 12-month pre-pay.

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