So … what is DAM?

Digital Asset Management & DAM Software System

You’ve probably heard the phrase (and the acronym) but if you’re like most people, you may still be a little fuzzy as to what exactly it all means. Simply speaking, DAM stands for Digital Asset Management. Clear as mud, right?

So let’s start at the beginning — of both the phrase and the concept. What are digital assets? And why should you manage them? Sometimes referred to as visual content, digital assets are a collection of videos, images, documents and other creative files. Most people are able to manage their personal visual content all on their own — or with a little help from a file-sharing service like Dropbox.

But work product is a different matter entirely. If you own or work for a small or medium-sized business, you may have found yourself needing to share digital assets with others — on a fairly regular basis. Maybe one person needs to review a document before it’s finalized. Or your marketing team needs to add images to a PowerPoint. The printer needs your logo. And of course, you want your customers to be able to see your demonstration video.

If all this visual content is overwhelming — with images, videos, and other files that surpass the capabilities of a simple file-sharing system — DAM could be the answer. A digital asset management, or DAM, system can help you manage, organize, and share all those digital assets — with your coworkers, clients, customers and others. All from a central hub.

Widen created Smartimage DAM lite software out of an understanding that users want a digital asset management system that gets the job done — but is easy to use and highly affordable for small businesses and workgroups. With its simple setup and ease of sharing visual content, this is the key to resolving digital asset management issues before they become a DAM problem.

How? By centralizing the digital assets you use the most, you make them easy to retrieve — by not only yourself, but any authorized person that needs access. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the phone, in a meeting or even on vacation because your team members can instantly locate and retrieve the exact visual content they need — right when they need it.

Get started with your own DAM lite solution – Smartimage – with a 15-day free trial.

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