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“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

Smartimage analytics provides data you can use to inform how people are connecting to your content. What you think are impactful and useful images aren’t necessarily the one’s your team or clients use. By comparing the shares and downloads of groups and individual images you can see what your users want and need.

What analytics data is available?

Smartimage provides data on views, shares, and downloads.


Smartimage tracks visits so you can see what content is being accessed. There are two kinds of visits measured: page visits and iframe visits. Page visits are visits to your portal or collection page. IFrame visits are visits to your portal or collection accessed through an embedded iframe.


Sharing digital assets is greatly streamlined using Smartimage. Track the different channels your files are being shared through. Email, Embed, Facebook, and Link shares are all tracked.


Track downloads by collection and by individual file.


The analytics page gives you the number of files in each collection and the number of videos.

New! Breakdown by Public and Admin use

Smartimage now tracks analytics for admin use. You can view analytics for All, Public, and Admin use. This gives you insight into how your different users are interacting with your content and your account.

How can you use this data?

Smartimage analytics provides insight into how people are connecting with your content.

What are your most popular sources of assets?

Downloads and embeds for images are good indicators of use. You can use this information to compare different sources of content and where to invest more into content creation. Are in-house photographs, stock photos, or user generated content being used the most?

How do people access your content?

Test to see if people prefer to access your portal or collection through an embed or by visiting your Smartimage domain.

Are you providing a service to your uses?

A common use of Smartimage is providing self-service access to popular brand files. Saving your design or photography team time answering email requests for specific files. If your end users are accessing and downloading files, that’s time saved for your creative team to create. It’s also time saved for your end users because they aren’t waiting on a file request.

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