Simplified Collection Creation

Collections play an important part of organizing and sharing your content. We’ve made some updates to the collection creation process to make it faster and easier for admins to create collections. After finishing the three steps, you’ll have a collection of organized, searchable files.

New Collection creation process

Step 1) Create New Collection

The first step is to give your collection a name and description to help users identify the contents of the collection. Then select who can access the collection and who can add files to it.
Tip: If you’re creating an empty collection to gather images from other users, you can click “I’m Done” to skip step 2 and 3.
Create Collection Info

Step 2) Add Files

After you’ve identified the collection and set its permissions, it’s time to add files. You can upload new files via drag-and-drop or browse for files. Existing file descriptions and keywords will be imported. You can also add files that already exist in your account from Add From All Files.
Collection creation upload files

Step 3) Add file info, tags

The last step is to add file info and tags. You can add file info individually or in batch. While editing individual files, you will see two meters to identify what percent of files in the collection have descriptions and what percent of the files have tags. This helps you make sure all of your files are searchable and filterable.
Add file info and tags
Tip: Check “Only show files without descriptions or tags” to identify files that need more information to be searchable.

New security icons and names, same functionality

While going through step one of the create collection process, you’ll notice some updates to collection security. To make privacy settings more clear to new and current users, we’ve updated some of the names and icons. The settings have the same functionality.
Private -> Admin (admins only)
Public -> Public (Anyone with the link)
Password -> Password (Anyone with the password)
who can access this collection?

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