The importance of visual brand engagement

Brand engagement – a connection between a brand and a person. A kind of attachment that fosters brand loyalty and encourages spreading your brand through word-of-mouth. On one hand the rise of the internet and smartphone has provided more touch points between a brand and a person but it also provides more distractions. That’s why visual brand engagement needs to be a large part of your branding efforts.

Tell more compelling stories – One of the greatest aspects of visual brand content is the ability to communicate ideas and emotions quickly. A good photographer can tell an entire story with one photo. Even an ameture photograph has it’s own story. The ability to tell a story and communicate an idea from one look is invaluable with today’s fast paced world. Sharing visual brand content can be the most effective way to share your brand’s story and generate user interest and eventually engagement.

The engaged consumer – Never before have consumers been able to create and distribute visual content like they can today. Smartphones allow consumers to take quality pictures and then distribute them socially on visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and Facebook instantaneously. Sharing, positive and negative, experiences with products has become the norm whether it’s solicited by the brand or not. The challenge for brands is to make the most of this consumer generated content that has an authenticity and relate-ability they simply can’t replicate.

The Life Your Life contest by American Eagle encourages visual brand engagement by promoting fan's personal styles.

The Life Your Life contest by American Eagle encourages visual brand engagement by promoting fan’s personal styles.

Create an engaged community – Provide an open environment for consumers to share and discover consumer generated brand content. People relate to those with shared interests. Give them a place to see how others are using and experiencing your product. You can even help encourage content generation by creating photo contests or simply promoting content generated by consumers. A great example is the American Eagle Live Your Life campaign. Fans engage with American Eagle by submitting photos and stories about their style to be viewed by other fans of the brand.

Managing your visual brand files – Creating and promoting visually engaging content is one thing but being able to manage it is another. The more content creators you have, the more places your files are likely to be. That’s why a central location for your visual brand files keeps your files accessible to be used and repurposed. You can then organize them to find them faster. Another advantage to a central location for brand content is being able to control it. Control of your brand files allows you to ensure your brand is being represented consistently and properly.

If you’re looking for a place to manage, view, and share visual brand content try Smartimage. It’s simple design, easy image sharing, and smart handling of files makes it a perfect tool for managing images and fostering visual brand engagement. Try it out for free.

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