How to give employees, distributors and retailers access to approved images [Case Study]

Romain with Fiiish Smartimage Image LibraryIf you were the only one that needed access to product, package, and brand images, maintaining an image library wouldn’t be too bad. The challenge comes in when you need to share and coordinate with the others who put the images into catalogues, websites, events, and ads. It makes providing easy access to the approved images critical.

We interviewed Romain Le Bouffo, Communication Manager at Fiiish, to learn about the benefits of moving the Fiiish image library from their server to Smartimage. He shared how moving the packaging photos, product images, and action photos into Smartimage helps save his team time and makes it easier for distributors and retailers to access approved images.

We save a lot of time. When I say a lot, it’s not enough. It’s a huge amount of time.” Romain Le Bouffo, Communication Manager, Fiiish

Romain shared several key reasons for making the switch to Smartimage. Collections and keywords give Romain the tools to clearly classify the organization of the images and make them findable via search. The ease of sharing and access is another benefit of Smartimage. While images were well classified on their server before Smartimage, Romain was one of the few people who knew where to find the right images. Another benefit Romain highlighted was the clear, large presentation of the images. It provides another way to quickly identify images.
Packaged Fiiish Product
We really enjoyed our interview with Romain and hearing about how he and the Fiiish team use Smartimage. We encourage you to check out the full Fiiish case study on creating an accessible image library.

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