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So many files. So little time. In today’s busy office environment, that’s what it seems like anyway. Whether you’re already using Smartimage’s DAM software system for your file sharing or you’re just beginning to explore document and digital asset management solutions, you’ll find that a good DAM system may just be the solution you’re looking for.

Using a digital asset management (DAM) software system lets you organize, manage and store your company’s digital assets into one central content hub. And once there, the best part may be the ability to share all your files and visual content with anyone — from team members to clients, vendors or even the general public. And file sharing with a good DAM system makes your company run more efficiently —which makes your job easier.

Public or private?

Digital assets are a lot like secrets — they can be kept hidden or shared either publically or privately. Start by grouping your files into a collection, or landing page, for all the visual content you want to make available to others. From there you can either choose specific people to share your digital asset files with — or anyone and everyone.

Private files and collections are automatically hidden from public view. They won’t turn up in a public search and only admins have access to these digital assets. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re super secret! In fact, admins can — and often do — share these files with other users, both internally and externally.

How? From the Manage > Collections link, you can set up a link that will expire at a designated time. Click the “Share” icon for the file you want to share and then click Link and the digital assets will be available to any users you select — for a specific period of time, such as the length of a project.

And if you have a large group of related visual content, don’t worry. File sharing with your DAM system isn’t limited to a single digital asset. You can also share an entire collection with one of these custom links. From the Smartimage home page, click Share and then Link to create access to the digital assets you want to share. Admins can also delete a link at any point.

For the public eye

A public collection, on the other hand, holds digital assets that are available for public viewing. Like private files, they can be shared as an entire collection or individual file.

And then there’s social media — the most public file sharing there is! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a huge part of our lives today — making them great places to share your company’s videos or other visual content with the public. And Smartimage’s DAM software lets you do just that — including the ability to share entire (public) collections on Facebook.

Just link your social media and Smartimage accounts and we do the rest — automatically resizing your visual content to fit the site. Click Share > Social and select your social media choice. To share an entire collection on Facebook, open the collection, select the digital asset you want to share and click Share > Facebook. What could be easier?

To learn more about sharing your digital assets, contact us anytime to discuss your specific questions and needs.

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