Expanded Account Branding Options

Branding is essential to building value for companies. In addition to housing your brand assets in Smartimage, you can brand your Smartimage account. You can now apply your logo to the Smartimage application to reinforce your branding while sharing files with external parties.

Here’s a look at what’s new.

Account Logo

Your logo is no longer just an asset in Smartimage. It can also be used to brand your Smartimage account. Your logo will appear in Smartimage: Emails, File Shares, Homepage, Locked Page, Portals.
Smartimage Branded Homepage
In addition to the logo being applied to your email, your email shares will reflect your account branding!
Branded Email Example


A Favicon is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. You can replace the Smartimage favicon with an icon of your choosing. This allows your team to quickly navigate to the browser tab containing your brand files.

Add your logo and favicon

Click your name in the upper right of the page, then choose Logo. On the Logo tab, drag and drop your logo and favicon into the upload areas. You can preview how your files will display on the right of the page.

Visit our support center for more information.

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