Embed images into your website using Custom Embed URLs

Looking to save time embedding images into your website? You can use Smartimage to embed images with custom settings. You choose the image size, Smartimage gives you the link. No need to resize and upload images to your CMS.

Custom Embed URL

The Custom Embed URL feature automates the creation of images by zooming, panning and other image processing to make a copy of a digital master. Smartimage provides a URL builder that allows you to edit the image orientation, image size, file format, quality, and scaling.

Choose custom settings for your image

custom embed url feature
Select the image you’d like to embed by hovering over the image, clicking the share icon and selecting the Embed option. You’ll be presented with the customization options and a preview of the image. Once you create the link, click the copy icon to copy the link.

Are Custom Embed URLs different from the “Custom Links” feature?

sample embed
The Custom Embed URLs feature is an updated version of the Custom Links feature. The name switch was made to make its intended use clearer. When using Custom Embed URLs, you’ll notice the interface is also updated. We’ve added a crop box, simplified the page, and added a new preview option to make creating an embeddable URL easier.

Smartimage CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Smartimage utilizes a CDN that provides high-performance and high-availability. So no matter where your viewer is around the world, they are having the same, quality experience viewing your images.

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