Why we don’t do live demos of Smartimage

We frequently get requests for live demos. This is especially true for those looking around at lightweight DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions or those who’ve purchased other business software solutions. There is value in doing live demos – but they aren’t right for Smartimage. Here’s why we don’t do live demos of Smartimage.

Save you time

Demos take time. Between the back and forth of setting up a demo time and the live demo itself, it can take an hour or more of your time. Smartimage is a simple, intuitive tool. We work very hard to combine user feedback and our 20 years of experience in the Digital Asset Management space to make it so. You can sign up for the free trial, experiment with functionality, brand your account and start structuring the organization of your files within 10 minutes time.

Start with your files

During a demo, it’s not your account and files. Spending time in a free trial provides you an opportunity to experience the tool with your own files right from the start. Instead of the hour’s time it takes setting up and viewing a demo, you can already have a structured, branded, searchable, and shareable image library in a fraction of the time.

Learn by doing

For many things, learning by doing is the best method. The intuitive Smartimage experience and help tips will guide you through the uploading, organization, and sharing of files – learning by doing, not watching.

Save you money

We are able to keep Smartimage prices down by not staffing a team to support live demos. Setting up meetings, researching your company to customize the demo, setting up demo accounts – all take time on our end. So instead of staffing a technical sales team to offer live demos, we staff to create a simple, intuitive, and powerful product so you can be more efficient and productive with your time and get more value from your visual content – sooner.

We’re here to help

Have questions about the functionality or need support?
Email support@smartimage.com to get in touch with our team. The Smartimage team is available and responsive when you need it.

Prefer a more guided experience?

Smartimage Short Demo from Widen Enterprises on Vimeo.

Here are some other resources

  • Smartimage guide slide deck
  • Support Center
  • Email support
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