Customer Testimonials

World Map of Smartimage Customers and Users

Smartimage feels designed for the specific needs we had and we feel overall it is an excellent product. Smartimage is a robust, customizable and cost-effective DAM tool – all in all a great product. Thank you!”
– Daniel, EVP, Quinlan & Company
There’s not much to dislike with Smartimage. It takes a lot of the tedious guesswork out of the equation and replaces it with smooth, simple navigation that anybody can pick up.”
– Josh, Director of Creative Services, Accent Indy
We love the batch uploads & tagging, ease of use, searching, administrative functions and navigation. We also felt that they offered us the best pricing for the service and space provided.”
– Jennifer, Owner, Jennifer Speer Design Marketing
Our favorite feature is the option to add your own keywords to the tag field when adding images. This has enabled our searching process to be far more tailored to the way we work and provide instant accurate results.”
– Susie, Lead designer,
The best thing about Smartimage is the customer service. They are so responsive.”
– Laura, Marketing Design Supervisor, Standard Textile
The interface is easy to use and very professional looking — I’m proud to send customers there. I like how I can setup different “collections” for different applications.”
– Libby, Director of Corporate Communications, LaMotte Company
Smartimage makes it really easy to upload, tag, organize and share hundreds of files. It is easy to find any file within seconds through the search feature. Love the ability to password protect our page as well.”
– Milan, Creative Director, Wayin
Smartimage has been easy to use and creating new catalogs for different purposes takes only a seconds. Also the customer support has been great.”
– Samuli, Producer at Corporate Communications, Sanoma