Benefits of image management for small business content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to your audience. This ongoing stream of valuable content creates informed buyers who will, in-turn, reward you with business and loyalty. Your content can be drastically enhanced with strong images because imagery helps tell stories and communicate ideas. A title or image may be the only thing that grabs a multitasking reader’s attention. Images can also help you build your brand around the content. This is why image management is important for content marketing. Here are three ways image management supports content marketing.


Save time searching for and/or recreating images with an image management system.

Maintain a consistent image – It’s important that you are creating and distributing content via multiple platforms. To create a more natural flow from your content on your blog or social media networks to your website, there should be a consistent look and feel. An image management system allows you to access the same, high-quality images for all places. Upload your logos, social media headers, and other brand content to be used. Multiple download options gives you the right file for the job.

Save time for content creation – Not only is it important that you create quality, informative content for your audience but also that your publishing content regularly. Although how often you publish content may vary depending on your industry, resources, and strategy, you should maintain a consistent schedule. Readers will appreciate consistency, whether it be posting several times a week or several times a month. All of this creation takes time, so don’t waste any of it by searching for, re-creating, or manipulating images. An image management tool saves you time by keeping your files organized and accessible. Providing links to images from your image management system in your content editorial schedule can further increase your efficiency.

Distribute the correct images – If you’re lucky, you aren’t the only one creating content for your business. Providing the proper image files to those assisting you in content creation ensures they have the same quality and the same image you have. An external writer will want quick access to your images, not a back and forth email chain. An image management system can get the right file in the right hands by simply sharing a link to a collection of files, ready to download in the right format. That’s a lot of things done right, quickly.

Content marketing isn’t a quick solution to your marketing strategy, but it is an effective one. If you provide a constant stream of valuable information to your audience, they’ll have to listen. An image management system will save you valuable time and energy that you can apply to informing your audience, a worthy investment.

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