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We’re all about simplifying

It’s what we do

We enjoy the simple things like mid-morning walks, candid photographs, and automatic file conversions. We know we aren’t the only ones, so we built a friendly tool to simplify how you access and share images.

Keeping things simple is the mantra of Smartimage. You’ll see this influence in the look and feel of our software. Smartimage was started in 2013 to bring simple, yet powerful brand and digital asset management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and workgroups who need an instant-on tool for centralizing and sharing brand assets.

The team behind Smartimage brings a combined 70+ years of expertise from diverse backgrounds involving project management, software development, quality assurance, user experience, graphic design, marketing, branding and public relations.

Widen Team Photo

From enterprise DAM to simple image management

Smartimage is a product of Widen Enterprises Inc., known for its enterprise digital asset management solution, the Widen Collective. Smartimage was born out of the need for a simple to setup and easy to use tool for centralizing and sharing images. We know that not everyone needs a full-scale digital asset management solution, but everyone does need a simple way to manage and share their images.

Smartimage takes a lot of what we’ve learned in supporting hundreds of enterprise clients and transplants that value into a product geared up to serve people at organizations of any size, at a price point anyone can afford.

About Widen


Widen Enterprises, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the company behind Smartimage.

Widen is a marketing technology company that powers the content that builds your brand. Leveraging cloud-based resources, Widen delivers configurable, scalable software services that help marketing and creative teams easily capture, organize, share, and analyze marketing content. Widen serves hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of users in 179 countries around the world.

Widen is trusted across various industries by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide like LG, Roche, Trek, Cornell University, New Orleans Tourism Marketing, The Atlanta Falcons, Red Gold Tomatoes, Electrolux, and Yankee Candle. To learn more about Widen, go to www.widen.com